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Reunion – Trade Statistics

  • The most exported products from the Reunion are Food products($140M), Intermediate goods($137M), Consumer goods($26M), Capital goods($23M), Raw materials($20M), etc. The net export value is $2.08B.
  • The top export destinations of Reunion are France($148M), Japan($12M), Belgium-Luxembourg($10M), Comoros($9.8M), etc.
  • The common imported products into the Reunion are Consumer goods($1.49B), Capital goods($559M), Transportation($415M), Mach and Elec($401M), Intermediate goods($363M), etc. The net import value is $2.71B.
  • The top import origins of Reunion are France($1.71B), Italy($95M), Bahrain($83M), Germany($75M), South Africa($70M), etc
  • The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly; suits will only be required for the most formal of meetings. A sound knowledge of the French language will be useful, since there are no formal interpreter services available. Prices should be quoted in Euros, and all trade literature should be in French. Réunion economy is far from self-sustaining and relies on large injections of aid from France and, more recently, the European Union, to cover its trade and budgetary deficits (as an integral part of France, Réunion belongs to the EU). The most pressing problem for the government is a very high level of unemployment, which has been around 35 to 40% for the last decade.