About Us

Customsdutyfree is an one stop shop for custom duty for more than 100 countries. It provides different sections which would help users to get over all information on importing a product into the country. Customsdutyfree was started with the inspiration of making “import of a product” from different country at customer’s finger tips. This ensures that the customers are dealing with a global market rather than local.

Customsdutyfree has below services :

  • Calculate Duty : This section helps users to calculate customs duty along with extra taxes(if applicable) for the product being imported.
  • HS CODE Search : This section provides feature to find appropriate HSCODES for the products or vice versa.
  • HS CODE Book : This section provides a book structure of HSCODES along with descriptions for various countries.
  • Commonly Imported Items : This section has complete guide on importing popular products into the country.
  • Country Guides : This section provides a detailed guide of more than 100 countries which involves different information like customs duty calculation method, necessary import/export documents, Excemptions, Free Trade Aggrements, etc.
  • Glossary : Here users can search for different business concepts/terms.

Though most of the content is free, the quality of content is of commercial level, backed by a qualified and dedicated content.

For any queries, please do drop a mail at queries@customsdutyfree.com