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Laos – Trade Statistics

  • The most exported products from the Laos are Rough wood($735M), Sawn wood($684M), Refined copper($624M), Copper ore($414M), Broadcasting accessories($141M), Rubber($109M), Non-knit men’s suit($105M), Coffee($97.8M), etc. The net export value is $3.74B.
  • The top export destinations of Laos are China($1.67B), Thailand($834M), Vietnam($604M), Japan($113M), Germany($90.9M), United Kingdom($64.5M), India and Indonesia ($52M).
  • The common imported products into the Laos are Refined petroleum($1B), Low voltage protection equipment($417M), Delivery trucks($410M), Cars($303M), Integrated circuits($231M),Iron structures($132M), etc. The net import value is $6.98B.
  • The top import origins of Laos are Thailand($3.94B), China($1.82B), Vietna($448M), South Korea($156M), Japan($137M), Germany($114M), India($63.5M), France($59.8M), etc.
  • Laos holds a place of 134th out of 189 popular countries(economically) in case of doing a business in country.’Getting Credit’ is one of the topics in which Laos has decreased it’s ranking from 128 to 70. But the country has increased it’s ranking from 145 to 153 in case of ‘Starting a Business’.