Customs Duty Calculator

Swaziland – Customs and Import duty tax calculation method

Customs Duties or Import duty and taxes will be pending and need to be cleared while importing goods into Swaziland Either by a private individual or a commercial entity.

The valuation method is FOB.

  • The import duty and taxes payable are calculated exclusively on the value of the imported goods.
  • Some luxury or non-essential items may be subject to excise duty, and some commodities may be subject to anti-dumping duties.

Below is the Duty and Sales tax for Swaziland :

Duty Rates Average Duty Rate Sales Tax(GST) Threshold on goods
0% to 45% 18.74% ST=14%
VAT = ST * (CIF + Duty+ other taxes)
No threshold


  • Some electronic goods like laptops, electric guitars are not subjected to duty.
  • Sales Tax is applied on sum of the CIF value (i.e. product value plus shipping and insurance cost), duty and other taxes if applicable.

Extra taxes and customs fees while importing

  • Excise duties are of two sorts.
    • Spefic:
      • Specific duties are charged by quantity.
      • Spirits : E111.64 per litre of alcohol (which equates to about E40 per bottle of Vodka/Whisky etc)
      • Beer : E59.36 per litre of alcohol (which equates to about E2 per 330 ml can or bottle)
      • Wine : E2.50 per litre (about E2 per bottle)
      • Cigarettes : E5.16 per 10 cigarettes (just over E10 for a pack of 20)
    • Ad Valorem:
      • Phones, Videos, TV, aircons, perfumes, firearms, golf balls – 7%
      • Cosmetics – 5%
      • Motor vehicles – percentages vary – about 5% for a smaller car; 7.5% for a medium car; 10% for a higher priced car.
  • Please refer detailed information of excise duty for Swaziland here
  • Anti-dumping duties may apply to certain products.