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Singapore – Trade Statistics

  • The top exports of Singapore are Refined Petroleum ($61.8B), Integrated Circuits ($51.8B), Computers ($8.86B), Oxygen Amino Compounds ($5.87B) and Ethylene Polymers ($4.28B), etc. The net export value is $272B.
  • The top export destinations of Singapore are Hong Kong ($34.1B), China ($33.2B), Malaysia ($27.4B), Indonesia ($25.6B) and Other Asia ($14.5B).
  • The top imports are Refined Petroleum ($68.1B), Integrated Circuits ($53.8B), Crude Petroleum ($32.4B), Petroleum Gas ($9.6B) and Computers ($7.15B), etc. The net import value is $352B.
  • The top import origins are China ($44.3B), Malaysia ($37.1B), the United States ($27.9B), Other Asia ($27.5B) and South Korea ($24.3B).
  • Singapore holds a place of 1st out of 189 popular countries(economically) in case of doing a business in country. ‘Protecting Minority Investors’ is one of the topics in which Singapore has maintained it’s consistency and rank being ‘1’. But the country has increased it’s ranking from 6 to 10 in case of ‘Starting a Business’.