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Puerto Rico – Trade Statistics

  • The most exported products from the Puerto Rico are chemicals, electronics, apparel, canned tuna, rum, beverage concentrates, medical equipment, etc. The net export value is $69.75B.
  • The top export destinations of Puerto Rico are United States($62.98B), United Kingdom($1.11B), Dominican Republic($976M), Netherlands($976M), etc.
  • The common imported products into the Puerto Rico are chemicals, machinery and equipment, clothing, food, fish, petroleum products, etc. The net import value is $47.32B.
  • The top import origins of Puerto Rico are United States($26.02B), Ireland($11.21B), Japan($2.55B), etc
  • Puerto Rico holds a place of 57th out of 189 popular countries(economically) in case of doing a business in country. ‘Resolving Insolvency’ is one of the topics in which Puerto Rico has maintained it’s consistency and a better one in country. But the country has increased it’s ranking from 45 to 51 in case of ‘Starting a Business’.