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Portugal – Trade Statistics

  • The top exports of Portugal are Refined Petroleum ($3.27B), Cars ($2.82B), Vehicle Parts ($2.39B), Leather Footwear ($2.3B) and Uncoated Paper ($1.44B), etc. The net export value is $63.1B.
  • The top export destinations of Portugal are Spain ($13.4B), France ($6.89B), Germany ($6.74B), Angola ($4.22B) and the United Kingdom ($3.83B).
  • The top imports are Crude Petroleum ($7.58B), Cars ($3.53B), Petroleum Gas ($2.84B), Vehicle Parts ($2.73B) and Packaged Medicaments ($2.21B), etc. The net import value is $79.5B.
  • The top import origins are Spain ($25.2B), Germany ($9.6B), France ($5.55B), Italy ($4.1B) and the Netherlands ($4.05B).
  • Portugal holds a place of 23rd out of 189 popular countries(economically) in case of doing a business in country. ‘Paying Taxes’ is one of the topics in which Portugal has maintained consistency and a better one in country. But the country has increased it’s ranking from 10 to 13 in case of ‘Starting a Business’.