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Lesotho – Trade Statistics

  • The most exported products from the Lesotho are Garments(53%) , other including diamonds (47%), etc. The net export value is $10.43B.
  • The top export destinations of Lesotho are SUS(60%), Europe (17%), SACU (19%), etc.
  • The common imported products into the Lesotho are food, building materials, vehicles, machinery, medicines, petroleum products, inputs to the apparel industry, etc. The net import value is $17.66B.
  • The top import origins of Lesotho are SACU(85%), Taiwan, Hong Kong, China(14%), etc.
  • Lesotho holds a place of 114th out of 189 popular countries(economically) in case of doing a business in country.’Trading Across Borders’ is one of the topics in which Lesotho has decreased it’s ranking from 35 to 36. But the country has increased it’s ranking from 107 to 112 in case of ‘Starting a Business’.