Customs Duty Calculator

Jamaica – Customs and Import duty tax calculation method

Customs Duties or Import duty and taxes will be pending and need to be cleared while importing goods into Jamaica Either by a private individual or a commercial entity.

The valuation method is CIF.

  • The import duty and taxes payable are calculated on the complete shipping value, which includes the cost of the imported goods, the cost of freight and the cost of insurance
  • Along with Import duty, import goods are also subject to GCT, SCT, Stamp Duty, Additional Stamp Duty, SCF, and Environmental Levy.

Below is the Duty and Sales tax for Jamaica:

Duty Rates Average Duty Rate Sales Tax(GST) Threshold on goods
0% to 70% 17.45% 16.5% No threshold

Extra taxes and customs fees while importing:

Type of Tax Products Rates
Special Consumption Tax certain petroleum products, ethanol, alcoholic drinks, tobacco and motor vehicles Varying range
Stamp Duty All JM$5 per import when the CIF value is up to JM$5,500 and JM$100 when the CIF value is greater than JM$5,500
Additional Stamp Duty Products like meat, aluminium products, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes Varying range
Standard Compliance Fee All 0.3% of CIF value
Environmental Levy All 0.5% of CIF value

Please find the lists and detailed information about other taxes here.


  • Customs duty is levied on goods based on the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) values and rates determined by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Common External Tariff.
  • In addition to custom duty, a customs administration fee (CAF) and an environmental levy are imposed on the value of imports. The CAF imposes a range of fees based on the nature of the service provided, while the environmental levy is imposed at the rate of 0.5%. Since 2015, the levy is also imposed on goods imported from other countries in the Caribbean Community and domestic sales of manufactured goods by local manufacturers, with an input tax credit available for any levy paid in respect of imported productive inputs. Other import levies apply in certain instances including additional stamp duty (ASD) and a standards compliance fee.
  • All the goods are duty and taxes payable irrespective of import value as there is no threshold.
  • GCT is calculated on the sum of CIF, import duty, special consumption tax and stamp duty if applicable.