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Algeria – Trade Statistics

  • The top export destinations of Algeria are Spain ($11B), France ($6.57B), the United Kingdom ($5.64B), Italy ($5.04B) and the United States ($4.72B).
  • The top import origins of Algeria are China ($8.35B), France ($7.5B), Italy ($5.36B), Spain ($5.03B) and Germany ($3.55B).
  • The European Union is Algeria’s largest trading partner and absorbs half of Algerian international trade (54.1%). Total trade between the EU and Algeria amounted to Eur 52.76 billion in 2014. EU-Algeria trade has decreased by 3,7% year between 2013 and 2014, principally due to shrinking oil prices. With 96.7 % of EU imports from Algeria in 2014 being fuel and mining products, Algeria ranked as EU’s third largest energy provider in 2014, at a value of Eur 28.41 billion. Chemicals represented the second most important product group in EU’s imports from the country.
  • EU exports to Algeria are dominated by machinery and transport equipment (37.4%) agricultural products (15.42%), chemicals (10.59%) and iron and steel (9.9%).