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  • 7901-Zinc: unwrought
    1. 790111-Zinc: unwrought, (not alloyed), containing by weight 99.99% or more of zinc
    2. 790112-Zinc: unwrought, (not alloyed), containing by weight less than 99.99% of zinc
    3. 790120-Zinc: unwrought, alloys
  • 7902-Zinc: waste and scrap
  • 7903-Zinc: dust, powders and flakes
    1. 790310-Zinc dust
    2. 790390-Zinc: powders and flakes
  • 7904-Zinc: bars, rods, profiles and wire
  • 7905-Zinc: plates, sheets, strip and foil
  • 7907-Zinc: articles n.e.c. in chapter 79