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  • 1001-Wheat and meslin
    1. 100111-Cereals: wheat and meslin, durum wheat, seed
    2. 100119-Cereals: wheat and meslin, durum wheat, other than seed
    3. 100191-Cereals: wheat and meslin, other than durum wheat, seed
    4. 100199-Cereals: wheat and meslin, other than durum wheat, other than seed
  • 1002-Rye
    1. 100210-Cereals: rye, seed
    2. 100290-Cereals: rye, other than seed
  • 1003-Barley
    1. 100310-Cereals: barley, seed
    2. 100390-Cereals: barley, other than seed
  • 1004-Oats
    1. 100410-Cereals: oats, seeds
    2. 100490-Cereals: oats, other than seed
  • 1005-Maize (corn)
    1. 100510-Cereals: maize (corn), seed
    2. 100590-Cereals: maize (corn), other than seed
  • 1006-Rice
    1. 100610-Cereals: rice in the husk (paddy or rough)
    2. 100620-Cereals: husked (brown) rice
    3. 100630-Cereals: rice, semi-milled or wholly milled, whether or not polished or glazed
    4. 100640-Cereals: rice, broken
  • 1007-Grain sorghum
    1. 100710-Cereals: grain sorghum, seed
    2. 100790-Cereals: grain sorghum, other than seed
  • 1008-Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds: other cereals
    1. 100810-Cereals: buckwheat
    2. 100821-Cereals: millet, seed
    3. 100829-Cereals: millet, other than seed
    4. 100830-Cereals: canary seeds
    5. 100840-Cereals: fonio (Digitaria spp.)
    6. 100850-Cereals: quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)
    7. 100860-Cereals: triticale
    8. 100890-Cereals: n.e.c. in chapter 10